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Apricots are a favourite snack treat around the world. With zero fat and packed with vitamins, Turkish dried apricots are both high in flavour and very healthy.

Pagysa offers a variety of apricot sizes and treatments: both sulphured, natural and organic. Grown in eastern Turkey, Malatya. These delicious fruits are hand-picked and carefully pitted, sun dried.

Pagysa dried apricots reach our customers all over the world after being cleaned and packed in the most modern factory in the region.

Fruits are hand picked, pitted and sun dried usually in July and  the first shipments of new crop dried apricots can be made by mid-August.

Delightful not only as a straight snack, dried apricots make excellent additions to cereals and desserts. Pagysa is able to proccess retail packs, RTE (ready to eat) as well as dices and industrial grades.