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Dried fruits



  Turkish sultanas lend themselves as a delicate, sweet addition to puddings, cereals, and cakes. Professional chefs and bakers around the world prefer sultanas over raisins because of their amazing versatility in any dish.


  Apricots are a favourite snack treat around the world. With zero fat and packed with vitamins, Turkish dried apricots are both high in flavour and very healthy.


  Dried figs have long been a favorite of bakers and confectioners. This sweet fruit is indispensable in the creation of muffins, cereals, and countless dessert pastries.




  PAGYSA continue to remain the leading exporter of cotton from the Aegean Region. However due to the exceptional growth in Turkey’s now flourishing textile industry. PAGYSA has also become one of the leading selling agents and merchants of imported cottons representing many first class principals for the sales of both USA and Non-USA origins from around the world.



Animal Feed

  OZLEM YEM produces feed for poultry for a balanced and economic nutrition. OZLEM YEM follows in the consumer demands and satisfies them with the most suitable scientific solution. Quality and research are the most important factors for OZLEM YEM.
  Poultry: Growing and slaughter
  Surrounded by a thick wooded area near the Black Sea Coast AS TAVUKCULUK is processing poultry in its modern meat cutting, sorting, weighting, packaging and cold storage departments.
With a processing capacity of forty thousand chickens per shift AS TAVUKCULUK is one of the foremost chicken meat processin facilities of the country.
  Poultry Brooding
  Pakis Brooding is established to raise a healthy and efficient poultry generation for breeding and nutritial purposes. Eggs collected from modern farms are bred in high-technology incubators and the chicken produced are distributed to farms.
  With its powerful distribution network OZLEM YUMURTA is able to distrubite two million fresh eggs every week to a large number of retail consumption outlets




Polystyrene foam trays

  We specialize in producing excellent quality, high volume food packaging for the processing industry. We utilize only the best materials and state of the art extrusion and thermoforming equipment.




Vines, wheat, beet, clover and corn

  Farming 3,000 acres of fertile soils on the Salihli Plain irrigated by Gediz River.
Every year 4,000 acres of agricultural output is realised in these fields under the control of the farming experts using the latest techniques.