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Since 1821

  1. 1700

    Sieur Gabriel Pagy is mandated by the Marseilles Chamber of Commerce to audit French merchants established in the Smyrna, one of the three trading cities of the Levant. He is chosen for his personal integrity. His son will establish his own trading company.

  2. 1760 to 1920

    The business is passed down from father to son, evolving with time and adapting to the changing economic and political structures of the Empires, (by now Republics) trading mostly with Europe. 

  3. 1923

    The Pagy family are repatriated to France during the Great Smyrna Fire in 1922. After spending 6 months in France, the youngest generation of Pagy’s, Pierre and his brother Raymond, return home to Turkey to find the burnt remains of the office. They revive the business with a single diamond found in a safe in the wreckage. Most historical documents from before the fire are lost, including the record book dated 1821 which the company currently bases its founding on. 

  4. 1930

    The company struggles from such great losses into the 1930s, where Pierre Pagy & Fils, as it was then called, barely survives on the rent of a single warehouse.

  5. 1950

    Pierre’s sons Fernand and Raymond manage successful cotton trades acquiring and excellent worldwide reputation. The company has also become a prominent Dried Figs and Sultanas exporter, trading in dried fruits, as well as other foodstuffs.

  6. 1954

    Fernand’s son Guy joins the firm and develops both the company’s cotton trading and dried fruit processing. He modernises the company’s name to PAGYSA and establishes Nova Fruits International in 2003. 

  7. 2010

    Guy’s son Guillaume takes over the business in the 2010’s and strengthens the company’s place in the world of dried fruit as a trustworthy supplier that deals in high quality products. Investments in processing and storage facilities means that Pagysa processes each Turkish Dried Fruit in a dedicated specialized site becoming the only packer to operate in this way.

  8. Today

    The company strengthens it’s position as a leading Dried Fruit exporter, regularly sustains its spot in the TOP 500 Turkish Exporters and vows to become an essential supplier to the dried fruit industry with constantly improving products.