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Pagysa A.S processes and exports organic dried fruits produced from small-to medium-sized farmers.  All our facilities are certified by Ecocert and we offer all three Turkish Dried Fruits - some form our own organic projects -  and Organic Dates organically grown in Pakistan. 

Global Gap

Our involvement with GLOBAL G.A.P. illustrates the value we put in both the safety of our growers and product.  We support and assist growers to use good agriculture practices at all stages of production for Sultanas, Dried Apricots and Dried Figs.

Pesticide Management

Having identified the products that need most attention we have adopted different approach for each one.
Sultanas & Raisins: A most comprehensive project where our agronomists follow a large group of Sultanas growers in Nuriye and the surrounding villages throughout the growing period. Since 2018, not only do we guide them with dosages and timing, assist them to adapt modern growing techniques, but we also distribute the chemicals and pesticides to ensure that minimal residue levels remain in the finished product. Key to the success of this Project is testing and feedback  to growers, which we provide abundantly.

Dried Apricots: Having identified a recurrence for specific pesticides, our extensive testing program aims to identify those growers and regions which need the most attention in order to develop an effective pesticide management system in the field.

Dried Figs: Yearly testing at harvest time regularly shows very limited use of pesticides for dried figs, nevertheless we continue to monitor annually.

Dates: We rely on our suppliers to control their growers and on abundant testing of their shipments every season to ensure safe products